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Ùrar gin is run by Robin and Motoko, artists and creators who met at the Royal College of Art in 2013. Robin’s heritage lies in the Highlands of Scotland and Motoko’s in Kyushu, Japan. Based between these two locations for the last decade their knowledge and respect for the variety of local produce and flavours from Scotland and Japan has crystallised around a shared love of creation, in particular using the native botany that thrives in their respective homelands.

Settling long term on the family run Pityoulish farm outside of Aviemore,Scotland in 2019, together they hatched a plan that brought together their unique perspectives and roots. After three years of experimental distillations, Ùrar gin was finally born.

Infused with the finest ingredients, such as the wild-growing juniper berries found on the Pityoulish Estate in Scotland Highlands, or the Yuko fruit from the Sotome coast in Nagasaki prefecture, Ùrar gin is a crisp, traditional Highland dry gin with a twist of bold and aromatic botanicals found in western Japan.

Ùrar gin is a tribute to the two island cultures that Robin and Motoko hold dear.

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