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Small batch Japanese craft gin with Scottish Juniper berries

​Discovered in Japan, Made in Scotland



Combining the essence of warm citrusy botanicals with the base of a crisp traditional Highland dry gin, the bold and aromatic taste of Ùrar gin is the story of our Japanese and Scottish roots, 


Ùrar Gin is made with Japanese yuzu and wild yuko fruit, which grows hidden away in the forested coastal region of Sotome, Nagagaki prefecture, the only known location in the world where it can be found. Mixed with these core ingredients are handpicked Scottish juniper berries from the Cairngorm National Park’s ancient Caldedonian forest, organic coriander seeds, Szechuan pepper and lemon peel.  

These six botanicals are infused and seeped for three days, before being distilled, rested and bottled at the award winning Inshriach Distillery in the Scottish Highlands. 


Ùrar gaelic adj /uːrər/ fresh, freshly cut
うら japanese noun /ura/ hidden from view



Small batch Japanese craft gin with Scottish Juniper berries

​Discovered in Japan, Made in Scotland




ùrar gin signature cocktail recipes

URAR 001-369.jpg

Cocktail recipes  31・07・2023

Click 'here' and enjoy our three delicious signature cocktails recipes created by mixologist Gento Torigata !ローンチイベントの際にミクソロジスト鳥潟彦人さんによって創られたオリジナルカクテル3種のレシピを公開しております。'Drinks' から是非ご覧ください。


Launch event 

Join and celebrate our launch with signature cocktails by guest mixologist Gento Torigata at 69 Colebrooke Row, London in the evening of 22nd May 2023! RSVP: 5月22日、ロンドン市内にてローンチイベントを開催致します。是非ご参加下さい。

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London Spirit Competition 2023


12/04/23 We are honoured to receive a silver medal at our first 'London Spirit Competition 2023'! コンペ初の出品にてシルバーメダルを頂くことができました。これからも商品をより一層良いものにしていくべく精進して参ります

Screenshot 2023-04-19 at 14.21.49.png
URAR 001-380.jpg


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Urar LLP is a registered company in Scotland. Company number SO307266 

VAT No 443 1571 13

All photographs by Oskar Proctor

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